Compliance test

picoquery-0.4.0-full.min.jsandzepto1.2.0.min.jsandcash1.3.0.min.jstested againstjquery-1.12.4.min.js

Each line in the table below represents a test. First column is the test code. Second column is the result of the test code evaluated in jquery-1.12.4.min.js. Third column is the result of the test code evalaluated in picoquery-0.4.0-full.min.js etc. If the results are the same, the background will be green, otherwise red.

When the test code is evaluated, $ points to the framework that is tested. jq$ always points to jQuery 1.9.1. Its used to facilitate making tests that does not rely on other methods than the test in question

This HTML is here for the tests:

Vertically centered content