picoQuery implements a subset of jQuery. The full version currently supports 55 methods. You can however choose exactly which methods you need in the online builder. The full version is very light - only 4 kb gzipped. Selecting a subset gets you further down.

picoQuery is written for modern browsers (IE9+), but automatically detects if the browser is unsupported and falls back to jQuery 1.12.4 if so. So actually, you get IE6+ compatibility with picoQuery.

How to use

  1. Build your subset in the online builder
  2. Simply include the generated script instead of jQuery.

v.0.5.0 is just released!

Focus has been to improve compliance with jQuery. No new methods, but compliance went from being better than Zepto (within the supported subset!) to being way better. Check out the updated Compliance Chart, or Changelog to see whats new.


jQuery picoQuery Zepto Cash ZebraJs
size (uncompressed) 98 kB 14 kB 27 kB 10 kB 14 kB
size (compressed) 34 kB 4 kB 10 kB 4 kB 4 kB
Number of API methods 242 methods 58 methods 145 methods 80 methods 54 methods
Compliance (within subset) Perfect Decent Rough Poor Not examined yet
Activity - Very active Not much Not much Very active

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